For Those Planning to Cut Back or Stop


You’re thinking about winding down at work.

You walked out of the staff meeting yesterday and started thinking “maybe it’s time?”

Retired DIY Investors


Realizing it’s more fun enjoying assets rather than managing them.

After 30 years of watching the market, you just want to relax and let someone else drive.

Leisure Pros


Well into retirement—and loving it—but still future focused.

You want to live on the beach for 2 months next year, just for fun. Is that possible?

You are re-writing the book on retirement.

You’re informed about the economy and the global environment. And you’re hitting your stride professionally. But you are also starting to take note of what’s happening with elders in your family and your extended network of friends and acquaintances.

You’re the proud member of a demographic population bubble that’s changing all the rules. You don’t think of yourself as old. And why should you? You’re healthier than your parents were at this age. Your generation has a unique “whole person” attitude about the things you want in your life. And—having lived through some serious dips in the economy—you know how important planning can be.

You’re officially changing gears from accumulating assets to distributing. So, as a retired person, what do you need to evaluate your options?

Retirees have always been a significant part of our client portfolio.

We have a very concrete methodology for helping you create and manage the future you really want.