For Private Family Foundations


Yesterday’s earnings doing good things in tomorrow’s world.

Fulfilling your passion for funding research, and you want to take really good care of your legacy.

Trust Funds


Passing wealth down as the previous generation intended.

You’ve been very fortunate and want to be smart about how you deal with future generations.

And Family Businesses


Your family built it and you’re responsible for running it.

As multi-generation owner-operators, investing the profitability of the firm is part of the job.

Paying it forward with smart wealth management.

You (literally!) owe it to yourself and your next generation to take good care of the family’s wealth. But you’re also aware of how fickle, complex and dynamic the economy and market behavior can be. So you want to make sure you’re doing the right things, in terms of investment strategy.

We might not be family, but we are—fiduciary speaking—the next closest thing.

Wealth Advisors US has special experience partnering with families to manage next-generation wealth. So we’re aware of the relational dynamics which are a natural part of the total wealth management process.

We’re comfortable working with multi-generational teams, and our wealth management approach helps your family create a confident future.